Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wild Card

You've got to hand it to a team that arrives at Le Tour on a wild card entry and then goes on to put the smack down. Here's to the little team that could.

Photo Courtesy: Barloworld


josh said...

are they all really running sl's?

soler on his stage win is on the new r-sys front (carbon spoked kysrium thingy) and a cosmic carbone ultimate rear

if you look through barloworlds photo gallery on their site, riders appear to using cc ultimates, r-sys, and cosmic carbone pro.

not that it takes anything away from their achievements (which are huge, love to see the small team doing so well) but i dont think they are rolling on k sl's.


Radio Freddy said...

Josh - I think you are correct, I scoured all the images I could find of the 2007 Tour and I did not see any of them riding SLs. Although the team image does show the bike with SLs. Hopefully they are receiving Mavic's top level support. I yanked that final thought from the piece. - RF

josh said...

I agree hopefully they do get mavic's top level support. I saw a pic of the team car with K ES's on some of the bikes. Seeing as the R-sys and the CC ultimate are both new from middle of this year (no?), I wouldn't be surprised if they had some SL's lying around.

funny how a few years ago the K's were the shiznit and it seems like everyone and their little brother in the tour rocked them, and now they are hardly found beyond a few riders using the ES as a front who aren't high enough priority to get the new r-sys....

Anonymous said...

How about the North American bike manufacturers at the Tour? Cannondale with 2 wins, Cervelo with 2 and Specialized with 3. I wonder if Trek will get one with Contador?

josh said...

c-dale actaully has 3 wins.

2 for barloworld (soler, hunter)
1 for liquigas (pizzato)

Anonymous said...