Friday, December 1, 2006

Hunkering Down

December has arrived like a lion (a Flemmish one no less). The trees struggle to support the blanket of white, which was delivered during the overnight hours. I awoke this morning to six inches of the white stuff and forecasters say we should see another six before all is said and done. This dusting of holiday cheer comes one day before the state cyclocross championships. A sick sense of timing since most of this season's CX races took place in tranquil and sometimes balmy weather, not to mention, on the heels of a 10 day warm spell that bathed the area in temps more akin to the final weeks of April than November. Like all furry creatures forced to endure the changing seasons, I used Mother Nature's gift to gather as many good miles as possible to store up for the inevitable long, cold winter ahead. So, begin the countless roller miles and re-runs of PRO seasons gone by. It is a time to clean out the bike closet, eBay the excess, zero out the KMs, and replace all worn components from the previous season's campaign with bright and shiny new ones.

But this forward march into winter also means that Spring is just up the road. Before we know it, the sweet sounds of birds chirping and Phil's voice will once again fill the air signaling the start of the new season.

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