Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Paris Roubaix 1985 Finish


Anonymous said...

Awesome memories of the CBS coverage of Roubaix and the Tour with John Tesh and Phil Ligget i had all those shows on tape but the wife pitched them in the trash...DOH!!!!

Kelly said...

A classic Phil line - "A mechanic in panic, is not a good one."

Maybe he should have revived that one for Michael Rasmussen's 2005 Tdf Polka Dot Disaster Time Trial. If memory serves me correct, his mechanic resigned the next day. Ouch!

SETH! said...

This that were way cooler about cycling in the 80s:

1. Downtubers

2. Black shorts

3. Hairnets

4. Cycling caps (sans helmet)

5. Skinny bikes

6. Lack of race radio/GPS

7. Brake lever positioning on drop bars

8. Kathy LeMond's GIANT glasses

...that's it.