Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Statement From The Landis Camp

Flanked by team members of a different kind, Landis is again the underdog. He stands tall despite the odds, accusations, and challenges, and not to mention, the mountains, of beaurocracy. Tactically, I feel Floyd has played his cards well, relying on science and training data to support his claims. Undoubtedly, Floyd has a long way to go. My hope is the process moves quickly enough so Floyd has another shot at professional cycling.

Read more about Floyd's Power Training Camp and check out the sweet custom Pegoretti he's riding at Road Magazine. Thanks to Neil for the use of his photo.


Bobby Nunnink said...

Are we going to see that photo on the cover of Velonews? The photo shows up as a x in our blog but you cna see it if you click on the x.

Radio Freddy said...

Bobby - I am not sure why it shows up as an "X" but it is great you were able to view it. I think the image will more than likely show up in ROAD magazine. Check out the link to Neil's blog. There is a lot of great behind-the-scenes images and reports.

Erik said...

Great blog! I linked you to . I have a great promo video on my blog from the cyclopos camp. Floyd and his jack handy bike. very cool!

Anonymous said...

Go Floyd. Anyone see that winnie turd Bradley Wiggins opened his pie-hole about Floyd's situation? Ole Bradley ought to wait until he has all the FACTS before he opens that grill full of bad teeth!

Great Bold Freddy, keep up the great work.

Radio Freddy said...

Tafi IS king! Thanks for the comments!

Geek Graffiti said...

I met Floyd at the FFF fundraiser last night. Awesome guys!!

Picture and story is here: