Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2007 Paris Roubaix

The 2007 Edition of Paris Roubaix is gonna have to be utterly and completely "off the chain" if it's gonna hold a candle to last year's race. Hincapie's broken steerer, FC's solo hardman break, the train incident, resulting DQ, and, of course Boonen's fifth place and eventual second.

BKW friend and Marathon MTB man JS was lucky enough to witness PR from the backseat of Yates' Disco team car. But don't think it was all fun and games back there. JS was pounding away on the Crackberry, firing minute-by-minute reports detailing the action as it unfolded with the help of race radio and Yates' inside commentary. It was from his transcript and insane behind-the-scenes photos that BKW was born. In the days leading up to PR, I will be reposting these entries; I feel they greatly capture the action as it happened. I've seen the race countless times (thanks to the crappy winter we had here) and, even a year later, my palms get sweaty as I read them. Enjoy.

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