Saturday, April 14, 2007

En Forårsdag i Helvede

It's Francesco Moser, with his disticntive style, his still aerodynamic position on the bicycle is an imposing sight of almost effortless rotary action. - A Sunday in Hell

Now, I love Phil and Paul, but this is completely and utterly the finest description ever spoken in a cycling film. I owe my buddy PF a debt of gratitude for introducing me to A Sunday in Hell. He knows all the lines and can provide you with real time palmares information on all the riders in the film. No one knows 1960-2007 racing statistics like PF.


esthetecyclist said...

The purr of the derailleur, the concentration on the mechanic's face, and Møller's almost somber music is all wonderful. Plus, his green sweater is classy.

Even after viewing number forty-five, I still feel bad as hell for de Vlaeminck - even though he lost the sprint, it was his race through and through.

Radio Freddy said...

The mechanic has a robotic flow to his actions, his craft perfected. No idexed shifting, no carbon fiber, no deep section wheels. Such a simple and beautiful time.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. As a dane, I read the headline a few times before realizing it wasn't english!

I watched the race today and it was great to see O'Grady win although nobody realized we're he came from, but all of a sudden he was in the lead - and won irresistably.

A shame Michaelsen crashed on his new bike and didnt join him on the podium - in his last race!

Nice to see a smile on Bjarnes face when his riders win - I am danish after all.

Anonymous said...

Great film indeed. A pity they showed it quite late in the evening, but sure worth staying up for. And I agree with Peter: brilliant achievement by O'Grady. If any rider deserves to win a great classic, it's him. Always there, the entire season and on every front. Top class!