Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interbike 2007, Day One

Colnago's Extreme Power, Saronni 25th World's Edition

SRAM Red Internals

Thor Hushovd's valve solution 2007

2008 Dura-Ace 7800C - Target Weight: 170mm w/bb 714 grams, 10% Stiffer


Anonymous said...

Pardon my drool on your post. So is Thor's solution integrated in the rim or a seperate part? I still like my little o rings but that is a nice detail. Great as always. Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Finally a Colnago with a good paint job. That is the bike I drooled over 25 years ago. I remember reading all the Giro books of the era and seeing Saronni, Moser, Battaglin, Visentini and more duking it out. And let's not forget all the Russian amatuers of the era. (Sergei S and the lot).

This was back when all the manufacturers did promo posters with VERY obvious photo manipulation (pre-photoshop) I remember a particular poster that had crystal clear Nisi logos on a fully blurred wheelset, totally flat shoe logos on curved shoe surfaces etc.

The first shop I ever hung out in (and later went on to work for) carried Colnago but everyone had the plain enamel paintjobs with yellow letters except for my soon to be bosses wife. She had the Saronni style frame with Super Record, GP4s, Clement silk sewups, Cinelli VIP leather wrapped bar with 1R stem.

Bikes, materials, and manufacturers have changed a lot since then but the early 80s Saronni still probably tops on my all-time dream machine list.

Ahh, Goodwood, UK.

Anonymous said...

...i rode several colnagos @ the demo last year...given that a bike can't be properly configured under the conditions, i gotta say that every colnago i tried had an immediate 'personal' feel...great handling machines & now a lovely old school paint-job, just like 'beppe' saronni's old world championship ride...nice...

Il Bruce said...

1 Beppe please.