Friday, September 26, 2008

Interbike, Day 2

The longest lines for autographs were for the Garmin-Chipotle boys, Cav and the Cannibal.

Best use of decals at the show. Hot looking and more than 200g lighter than if paint had been sprayed.

Felt's TK1 was a hit.

Storck's carbon crank. Germany loves Marcus; maybe we will too?

The 11-28 looks rather like a mountain. Coincidence?

The compact crank for the new 7900; we're told the carbon crank should debut this spring.

Shimano's vacuum-forming shoe system in action.

Ibis' Airstream trailer. Espresso and pre-season order, anyone?

A gorgeous, high-gloss white from Ritchey.

Love the name. Can't wait to try it.

A very limited edition Ferrari Colnago.


C said...

Those white parts remind me of the Shimano Sante group! Personally, I'm getting bored with painted parts. I'm waiting for polished silver to be in style again. Painted finishes are just a sign that a company is too cheap to take the time to polish a part.

Has there been an Interbike where Colnago DIDN'T show off a Ferarri bike? Seriously, it's become a bad cliche.

Would love to see some pics of bikes that are more in-line with what most people actually buy.
Kind of bored with all the uber-racing bikes. Seen one $6000 carbon bike, seen them all.

What's with graphics lately? Is every company employing the same designer? Seems like every bike I see has the stripe running up the fork legs, then the head tube, then the top tube. Starting to remind me of the mesh fade look all the Italians churned out in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

I see the Cash register but no Cannibal!?

bluecolnago said...

wow! someone must've peed on c's cheerios....

padraig, thanks for sharing your pics. sweet!