Thursday, September 25, 2008

Interbike Image Dump #1

The feeding frenzy around the P4.

The new frame from Time.

Prettiest bike there?

A very light offering from Look without any crazy parts.

Very stylish design from Capo Forma.

Edge is doing some impressive work in molding their carbon fiber rims; they cut no holes unlike many others.

Tacx has an interface that will allow you to ride up the Col du Galibier and other great locations.

Etxe Ondo clothing should be easier to find thanks to Ochsner.


RCH said...

gotta say it the Spanish pinerello prince has gotta be one of the ugliest bikes i have ever seen

Unknown said...

I'd be happy with any of the bikes displayed at the Edge Composites booth (particularly the Crumpton) but my absolute fav is the white Isaac sonic with Record 11. Only knock against it is the gold handlebar tape.

Interested in what you make of my Lemond/Armstrong post today. Always enjoy reading BKW.


-p said...

Was that crazy red Time bike lugged carbon? Or were those joints just for looks?