Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Deeds for Good People

We got a request today from none other than Chuck Ibis to help with a cause. Fat Cyclist's wife, Susan, is battling cancer. Chuck came up with a challenge: Raise $5000 for the LiveStrong foundation and Bob Roll shaves his head. The $5000 goal has already been met, perhaps in part through the donations of good folks like you. And while Bobke's hair might not be plentiful, we think it's worth more than $5k. Check out Chuck's eloquent post here. Frankly, if all bike builders wrote this well, bloggers would be unnecessary ... or all blogs would be written by bike builders.

We hope you'll click here and give a little.

And if you can't be there for the shaving, you can do it yourself here.

1 comment:

kristelle del rosario said...

go!go!go! you really have a good heart... i am thankful to God that there's still a lot of people like you who's always willing to offer help.

please continue posting your good deeds in this site A Global Tribe