Monday, November 27, 2006

USGP - Stumptown

The Belgium mafia has been gaining strength on the left coast. B-blue is a common sight at many cross races from LA to SEA; taking a firm grip on the 1-2-3 box. Belgium hardman ZD wears his Sunday best and prepares to spread the word in the Elite race.

Do you get it? People who say "how will it wash out" don't get the point. People who are too afraid that it will be "see through" don't' get the point either. Everyone who knows about the white, also knows that you don't stay in your kit after the race, and you warm up in a different kit. That was one of Simon Burney's recommendations: two kits; a fresh kit for the line. So, no, it isn't see through because it is RACE ONLY. And I mean RACE. No trainer time, no sign in time, no chamois time. IN the words of Yeti circa 1993: FRO.

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otto said...

PRO...with a VISOR ? dude come on get real.