Monday, June 4, 2007

Sportsbalm #3 Warm-Up, Cajaputi Oil

The summer temperatures are in full swing and with them come white handle bar tape, white socks and, of course, a lighter, gentler embrocation. My first choice for the summer months comes from Sportsbalm: #3 Cajeputi Oil, a product that Sportsbalm claims is ideal for temps in the 23ºC - 30ºC range.

Sportsbalm has been a fixture in the PRO peloton for many seasons and was the embrocation of choice by Lance and the U.S. Postal team. If it's good enough for the boys in blue, then it's certainly good enough for me. provides an excellent product breakdown, and outlines the benefits of each one. The Web site claims Cajeputi Oil is preparation oil, perfectly suited for application prior to race time. The #3 is formulated using two ingredients: vegetable oil and Cajeputi Oil. Both reduce the risk of cramping and keep the muscles supple and well fed.

Today's conditions: Sunny, mild at sign-in, 20ºC, no wind, expected high of 26ºC

So, how does the Cajeputi Oil perform? This stuff is the shiniest embrocation I have ever used. And let's face it, the shine is PRO. The Cajeputi Oil begs to be applied heavily because the oil is so thin it literally leaps out of the container (and with the squeeze bottle there's no way it's going back in once it is out). The vegetable oil base means that applying too much #3 will give your legs the flypaper effect. (Who knew there was so much debris at shin level?) The smell is light and a touch on the medicinal side, but it's a subtle effervescence and you need to be up-close to really smell it. As a side note, if you're looking for the warmth so common in embrocations, then I would suggest bumping up to Sportbalm's Start Oil.

In sum, if you like to sport the embrocation on every ride, then the Sportsbalm #3 Cajeputi Oil is the perfect choice for the warmer months when a standard embrocation is simply too hot.

Overall Heat Rating - Low to non-existent
Euro-Style Rating - Insanely high, mirror-quality sheen
Smell - Light and sweet, PRO
Durability - Extremely high (despite its thin base, this stuff goes on and stays on through sweat, rain, and extremely humid conditions. If you are not careful you will be rocking the flypaper style.)

Now...I saved the best for last. As a cyclist, I am a huge fan of equipment and equipment to help care for my equipment. I love Giro's helmet pod and a great gear bag that separates my dirty gear from clean, and I am a total sucker for a bag designed to carry my embrocations. Does it get any better? Make certain that when you buy the works from Sportsbalm, you order yourself one of the Sportsbalm logo bags so you, too, can rock the PRO Soigneur style.


Unknown said...

Only douchebags employ the celcius status symbol to confer a sense of superiority over the unwashed masses who choose fahrenheit.

Same goes for the douches who talk in kilometers just because Phil and Paul do.

Anonymous said...

Talking in euro terms because I am a geek and enjoy the sport only confirms my passion. Is it ok if I call a soccer field a pitch ? please advise...oh what about 'cheers'....can I say that....please...I need your guidance. Your telling me how I should talk and think only confirms what I already had thought about peeps like you, chiefsowhateva are not nearly as cool as you think you are. In time you will also realize this. I'm up the road a few KMs and you'll see when you get here.

Anonymous said...

Man...Chief, I remember my first "Imported Beer"...but instead of gettin' all surly, I wanted to snuggle. Mmm..I could sure go for a cone of Frites right now!

-Chet B (Los Angeles,CA)

Unknown said...

I love nearly every other euro term/usage. It is just the km and celcius usage that sets me off.

Brett Svatek said...

Dearest Mr. Chief Hiawatha,
Your ratiocination and usage of such 7th grade verbiage as "douchebag" really set me off...Cheers!

-Ol' Sport

gewilli said...

Ah so no scientist. No appreciation for the technical stuff?

No SI Units for the offensive chief?

Your PowerTap isn't set to display in kilometers?

You have no idea what a 50kph sprint feels like? Much less quite unsure if 50kph is actually fast enough to be called a sprint? Sounds fast tho, No?

Maybe Said Belgium Knee has never stopped being pro and stuff. Cause ya know pro's in euro land do use the °C thing quite a bit. 20°C? what isn't to like about that temp?

And 0°C actually means freezing? WOW. And water boils at 100°C? UNFahking belivable? How elegant, how simple.


(RF, if you let this "douche" chief bully ya into not using SI units, you become well not so Pro)

strangelife said...

I had a guy tell me that I shouldn't cross my sevens (to differentiate from ones) because I was in America, and we "don't do that". I still cross the sevens because this American does "do that".

Anyway, I haven't used the Cajaputi, but I assume it's similar to the Elite Ozone Energy Oil, which is pretty damn PRO in my experience.

zank said...

I cross my 7's and my Z's

Just got some Sportsbalm goodies in anticipation for cross. I'll be breaking out the shine this weekend.

michael said...

It's June and you're already thinking about cross?

I thought I was the only one. ;)

And RF "... mild at sign-in..." brilliant! but remember we only piss like the PROs.

Adam said...

This is brillant and true w/ this product: "The vegetable oil base means that applying too much #3 will give your legs the flypaper effect. (Who knew there was so much debris at shin level?) "

Anonymous said...

"Much less quite unsure if 50kph is actually fast enough to be called a sprint?"

You beat me to it - I was going to say a 50 kph sprint (unless it's uphill) feels like losing.

Brett Svatek said...

I too have been dreaming of the crisp fall weather and crunchy leaves under my cross tires...Hot Cocoa for all my friends!

Josh Boggs said...

About the Ozone Energy Oil... Is it good for 90 deg F days? I'm considering that particular embrocation and need some advice. RF, what do you think?

blue squirrel said...

- josh
Ozone Energy Oil has no heating, but it does have caffeine, i personally only use it with other balms at a race, other wise it might be a waste of money. the ozone warming oil can be used LIGHTLY in the summer.

oh, and this is the first i have heard that i am not suppose to cross my 7's and, shit, my powertap is set to Km, should i change it or something???

Josh Boggs said...

Thanks, Squirrel. I'll give it a shot. I'll just hang on to the Energy Oil for later.

I think it's okay to cross your sevens.

RF... I need a new post on here. I'm getting tired of looking at the Sportsbalm every time I check in!

Radio Freddy said...

Josh - Thanks for the comment, really cannot comment on the Energy Oil because I have never used it. I can say that if I am going to caffinate, I prefer to drink it! Thanks blue squirrel for your thoughts on the EO.

Anonymous said...

June is kinda late to START thinking about 'cross. Road riding gives us something to do the rest of the year.
Cheers from the Brewmeister