Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Teams of Portland

Like the timer in the game Perfection, Portland, OR is set to go off in a few weeks, and the bike scene is about to come face-to-face with just how massive it really is.

Don Walker kicks off his fourth iteration of the Handmade Bicycle Show and it is sure to out-do the three previous shows. Each year, attendance has increased and the exhibitors have worked harder and harder to showcase their very best work.

In typical Portland style, there are pre-events, post-events and events in-between, and most will include great coffee and cheap beer, but all will include a steady dosage of bike culture.

The one event that stands out is the Teams of Portland exhibit, a showcase that spotlights local racing teams, culture squads (thanks CD) and good time clubs that feature the bikes, kits, and hangouts that make our sport (and Portland's scene) so amazing.

Teams of Portland is presented at Wieden + Kennedy; Nike's ad agency and the force behind Road to Paris.


timothy hanson said...

Fantastic! NAHBS is to turn this town upside down..

Ben said...

how I wished I lived out there. That will be a great weekend for everyone.

Kennyboy said...

Umm, Portland has spectacular beer, regardless of it's price.