Thursday, August 14, 2008


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Anonymous said...

No doubt that VdB did some great rides. How much was him and how much was the sauce we'll never know.

I follow VdB these days mostly because it's a surprise, albeit a bad one much of the time, what happens in his life.

For some strange reason, I still hope to see him get "righted" in his personal life instead of meet an unfortunate end which came too close last year.

Carp said...

I wish I could understand what the hell everyone is saying on all these videos. I only know spanish and english. Looks like a good documentary.

TrueBlue said...

mijn vlaams is nicht goed

but I was able to follow it pretty well. Drugs did not make VDB, he was a superstar from the start. A shame to waste talent, but mental disease can be hidden when in the throws of sport.

-- TrueBlue

Anonymous said...

could someone translate the videos? some subtitles? thanks

Anonymous said...

Both my french and flemish are a little rusty.

Anonymous said...

Frankyboys forever.

Anonymous said...

he just has what it takes to become the biggest of his generation. too bad he suffers from some kind of manic depression caused by drugs and alcholol.

Anonymous said...

that story is hollywood material in my view, did he not ever see Sarah ever again, and when he weds, am I crazy or there is a take where he looks at his daughter from the former relationship... great movie material and what a pedal crusher ! I hope he regians a bit more dignity at this point. That spandau ballet hairdo is legendary !

pbc said...

What a fantastic show. I really miss Canvas.

Carp, I wish I could take the time to translate this for you. It's good.

Was it just the girl? Or was there something else in there pushing him on..

Serge Cornelus said...

The ultimate reason to start learning Dutch. Anyway: