Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Interview - Frank Høj

BKW friend and rabid Classics fan, TK, recently chatted up Classics spécialiste, Frank Høj, who in 2009 ends his run with Cofidis for another go with Bjarne Riis and the CSC/Saxo Bank squad. Frank has been a PRO for the past 14 seasons and has participated in three Giro D’ Italias, two Vueltas, and one Tour de France and that doesn't even touch on his love for the Classics.

Frank has been a long time contributor to Procycling magazine and is often described as having an inimitable and quirky brand of humor.

TK: Hey Frank! What’s going on?

FH: Just relaxing after a long Tour of Holland!

TK: How did you do?

FH: Well, I dropped out right before the end; I managed to get a break. I held it for half the race, when the peloton decided to organize and chase me down. The next day I had no legs!

TK: How’s the wedding planning going?

FH: It's crazy right now while I am away, my fiancée has been doing most of the work!

TK: When are you getting married?

FH: In October, and then we are vacationing in Jamaica!

TK: That’s where my wife and I honeymooned.

FH: Cool, I can’t wait for the margaritas.

TK: Being a Dane, I thought you liked beer?

FH: Ya, I do. My favorite beer is Leffe blonde, also when in Denmark, there is a brewery that's ran by a former pro cyclist, which I like.

TK: What’s the name of that beer?

FH: It’s called Kolmer beer.

TK: Now, I know you can’t wait for some Caribbean food, but what is your all-time favorite food?

FH: A nice rare steak with some frites!

TK: Just like Mr. Paris Roubaix!

FH: Yes, like in the movie Sunday in Hell.

TK: Was Roger De Vlaeminck your favorite rider when you were young?

FH: You bet! I remember watching him on Danish television when I was young and I wanted to race Paris Roubaix. I thought it was fascinating racing in such extreme conditions.

TK: What was it like to race your first Roubaix?

FH: I was very nervous and excited.

TK: How were the showers at Roubaix?

FH: It was nice to just clean off with hot water that never runs out after a long day in the saddle.

TK: I always see a bunch of reporters in there trying to get interviews while riders are half naked. Isn’t that annoying?

FH: (Laughs) Yea, I once had a reporter who kept poking me with his microphone to get an interview. I told him nicely that I wanted to take a shower and once done I would talk with him. He persisted; I then grabbed him by the collar and threw him out!

TK: Yikes, I don’t want to mess with you!

FH: I am actually a bouncer on the side. (Laughs)

TK: What’s your favorite set-up on your bike for PR?

FH: I like the cyclo-cross levers on top, and some fat 27mm tubulars.

TK: What kind of wheels do you like to roll?

FH: Depends on what the teams sponsor is, but I do like the Ambrosio Nemesis tubular.

TK: What was your favorite bike you rode on the cobbles?

FH: I like the time frame I ride now, but I also loved the Specialized Roubaix that was featured in Cyclingnews.

TK: So, you have been doing an article monthly in Procycling magazine for some time. is this something you might continue doing once you retire from cycling?

FH: Maybe. I love journalism and writing. I have even thought about writing a book.

TK: You even do commentary for Danish television.

FH: Yes, and I love it. I just finished doing commentary for the Olympics in Denmark.

TK: I thought you might have been racing in China?

FH: Denmark had only three riders, and there are some talented riders from CSC. But I will be riding at the World Championship this year.

TK: Who, in your opinion, is going to be the next great rider in the PRO peloton?

FH: Definitely Frank Schleck! He's one of the strongest riders out there!

TK: And, finally, what's your favorite band or music?

FH: Anything from Depeche Mode or U2.

TK: Cool. Frank! Good luck at the Worlds and your wedding!

FH: (Laughs) Later!

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oldschooly said...

Better watch out. That Leffe will put the smackdown on your head. a great beer.

bluecolnago said...

frank is a pretty laid back guy, eh? :)