Friday, April 10, 2009

Café de l'Arbre

Sunday, when the PROs leave Carrefour de l'Arbre and enter the commune of Gruson, they'll pass an isolated café whose year-round business owes to the race. The owners of the Café de l'Arbre have decorated the inside with art depicting the race's great personalities. The paintings and murals by the artist Teel decorate the walls of the café, making it a year-round celebration of the greatest single day of racing on the calendar.

Above, left to right: Tom Boonen, Alain Bondue, Frederic Guesdon, Felice Gimondi, Jean Stablinski, Hennie Kuiper, Freddy Maertens and Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle.

Shown here are Octave Lapize and Charles Crupelandt leading the field.

This trio needs no introduction: Johan Museeuw, Andrea Tafi and Andrei Tchmil.

Images courtesy John Pierce, Photosport International.


Jim said...

I love this race so much. What great images.

John said...

I love the lineup, so I'm assuming that the Cannibal is somewhere and you just didn't take his picture, right?

superfred said...
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