Friday, February 15, 2008

Amgen Tour of California

We're on the ground as preparations wrap up for the 2008 Amgen Tour of California.

Stay tuned for photos, reports and some unique, behind the scenes PRO action.


Anonymous said...

Freddy is it you that is there? Are you following the whole thing?

Ron George said...

Possibly the greatest race in America!

Anonymous said...

Seen Tyler Hamilton yet? Will he make a surprise appearance next to Super Mario at the line?

I'm looking forward to the coverage.

Chuck Walter said...

I live in Palo Alto and its been pretty cool to bump into the pros everywhere I go. That said I think I would be even more thrilled to run into the guys from BKW. Keep up the good work guys.

Hans Hagman said...

Freddy, I know you will be all up in the PRO...
Thanks in advance, Me thinks.

Anonymous said...


Are you going to the Rock Racing press conference Saturday morning?

Radio Freddy said...

Anon - No Tyler yet. It would be an honor though.

CAW - Where should we look for you?

Rihans - Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Anon - Did'nt know about the Sat. press conference. Do you know where, when?

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the 310 - looking forward to your coverage - d&a

Chuck Walter said...

Well Freddy I doubt that we will get the change but If I see someone with anything that looks like BKW logo I'll say Hi.

BTW, I'm sure you already know these shops (and have written about them) but be sure to check out velotech in PA and bikenut in SF.

Got to descend down Old la Honda and ride for a bit with Chris Horner and some of the Astana boys. Nice guy.

Anonymous said...

great photos.
captures fully the feeling of being on the ground among the riders.
but as a rider, not a fan. gimme more shots of bikes and prep and gear and anticipation because we all know that once the gun goes off everyone disappears inside their head on that race course. but before that tunnel vision sets in its all about the machinery, and the details.
and shit you even got a shot of the electric shifters.
whats more pro than that?