Thursday, February 21, 2008

ATOC - More Random Images

A special thanks goes out to RM for his photo contributions.


Anonymous said...

can someone explain that work chart? is it a warm up program? stage strategy?

Anonymous said...

it looks like a warm-up program, shown in minutes before the race, for Team Quickstep. That's pretty bad-ass, if that's indeed what it is. I especially like the 2 30-second max-intensity spikes in the middle of the 10-minute block. Nice find, BKW.

josh said...

seeing as how it says ToCo Prologo '08 on the upper left, I am going to guess its a warmup program for the prologue...also look at the names, boonen and a few others, but not all (did some have different warmup plans?). Also, seeing as it is basically a slow ramp with recovery blocks and one extended section with some all out work....that is more or less along the lines of how I have been instructed to warm up for a crit or tt type effort.