Wednesday, January 3, 2007

1987 Paris Roubaix Finish

What better way to ring in 2007 than with a blast from the past. Check out this classic Roubaix finish from 1987. Make sure to stick around long enough to see Hardman Bobke Roll finish 39:00 down from Vanderaerden. The event crews are literally tearing down the event as Bobke comes home.


Paul said...

But he finished... Hats off to Bobke to end what must have been a long day both physically and mentally.

Radio Freddy said...

Paul - Indeed, Bobke's accomplishments are incredible. Racing in Europe in 1987 was a new experience for an American; countless fast cyclists went to Europe in hopes of becoming a PRO only to be sent home beaten and tired from the intensity of European life and racing. Hats off to Bobke and his 7-11 teammates for breaking ground in our favorite sport.