Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Cyclocross World Championships

Our man in the two-zero-six is headed to the Motherland at the end of this month to compete in the Cyclocross World Championships. Racing will take place in the town of Zilvermeer, Belgium, January 27-28, 2007. Ace Photog CM will be on hand to capture all the action and bring it home. CM has an eye for cross racing that only a true cyclocross fanatic can see. The staff here at BKW wish them well and we're looking forward to the dispatches from HQ. Safe travels fellas.

View more of CM's work.
View the two-zero-six HQ.


Anonymous said...

Raise some hell ZD!!!.....our parents all would be so happy that we consider over there the motherland! What do they know eh? Don't forget to embrocate....Say Hi to Nico for me ! Grab me a surprise pleeeeze! ( reimbursement of course provided)
- Otto

zank said...

Surprises are cool! I would double reimburse!