Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ATOC - Interview with Tony Cruz

While wandering around the pits on Prologue day at the Amgen Tour of California, BKW ran into Classics specialist and all-around nice guy, Tony Cruz. Over the course of his career, Tony has raced with some of cycling's best and, like the team here at BKW, Tony is crazy about the Classics. Tony was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions for us.

BKW: What is your fondest memory of the Classics?

TC: Out of all the classics, my fondest memory is actually finishing Roubaix, I want to say I finished 47th or 48th.

BKW: What year was that?

TC: 2004

BKW: How many Roubaixs do you have under your belt?

TC: Five, and 2004 was the only one I finished. I felt like I won the race. When I came into the velodrome I wanted to just throw up my hands. Probably one of the hardest one day races ever.

BKW: So, you are a part of history?

TC: Yeah, exactly, I got to go in the showers and clean up with the rest of the guys.

BKW: That's a victory in itself.

TC: Yeah, it is, it really felt like it.

BKW: So with BMC as your team for 2008, is there anything you will miss out on?

TC: Well, we may be doing Roubaix. BMC has really stepped it up for this year. I, personally, will be doing 20-25 races in Europe. Maybe more...we will be doing Tour of Romandie and we have a wildcard status, which means more race possibilities. I have never been able to race Roubaix for myself, so maybe a different approach for this year.

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Where do I find one of those carbon frame number hangers? Thats the business! No more seatpost light-clamps.