Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Handmade Bicycle Show: Rapha Roller Races

London based cycling apparel brand, Rapha, brought a level of cycling subculture that in it self is timeless, but still holds as a modern marvel amongst those with a competitive heart and the urge to push themselves to their limits.

In conjunction with North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS), Rapha’s Series of sights and after party delights gave crowds of cycling enthusiasts a photo exhibition by Rouleur to the inevitable group ride.

What drew a packed crowed to Craine Building in downtown Portland was the Rapha Roller Race. What you see when you walk into the venue is something that you may recognize from the Triplets of Belleville; four rollers side by side with a screen behind to track distance and time which determines the winner.

The “track” is a 500m circle that starts from a dead stop to all out sprint. There is not much pacing when athletes are pressured to make times below twenty seconds to keep up with their competitors. As a throw back to a vintage style of arcade competition, roller racing is always surefire way to draw a crowd of energetic cyclists that were drawn to Rapha’s promise of entertainment, beer and house DJ.

This spectacle brought a diverse crowed from the NAHBS that included the racer chic to shaggy messengers and everyone in between for a night of stellar competition and show celebration.

Photos and text by Tucker Schwinn.


Ari said...

Please slow down. I can't keep up with you guys!
Thanks for all the insights and great commentary.

Anonymous said...

I have a Flickr set of the Rapha Roller Racing here and over 500 photos that I took at NAHBS here.


34x18 said...

Roller Racing, brilliant! Goes down as smooth as a tall ice cold malt, yummy. Curtis, if your tuned in, here's your 'prologue' for the SSWC08...

Anonymous said...

This is really rubbing it in that I couldn't make it to Portland, but thanks lots guys for posting these pics and stories. Very cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

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