Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Paris-Roubaix 81 : Bernard Hinault

A special thanks to Guy WR from Le-Grimpeur for the heads up on this classic.


brettok said...

Awesome... he leads them out for a lap and still smashes the sprint!

Anonymous said...

From the front. That is amazing. The Cannibal ate them alive.

Anonymous said...


Merckx was the "Cannibal".

Hinault was the "Badger".

I'm sure BKW will give you a break though Chris.

Lots of power left at the end. You don't often see someone lead out and win.

Great video.

Bolivar said...

The Badger was as tough as a competitor as they come, a pure badass. I think he is the last Tour Winner to also win Roubaix. The guy was tough as nails - one the Tour one year after getting punched in the face and breaking his jaw.

mathias_d said...

crashes within 10k of the finish and soloes the sprint to the win...a true badass champ.

I also like his journeyman vs. apprentice treatment of lemond in the tour...shows who the patron is and lends a little "who's your daddy" air to it all in a day before serious doping.

jas said...

Crazy: Basically everybody in that break was a Paris-Roubaix winner. Hinault (81), DeVlaeminck (72,74,75,77), Moser (78,79,80), Kuiper (83), Demayer (76) the only guy whose name I cant remember off the top of my head in the break is the Splendor rider - if it was Guido Van Calster or Eddy Plankaert... If it was Plankaert, then everyone in the break did win PR at one point...

jas said...

1 B. Hinault (Renault-Elf-Gitane) 263 km in 6h 26' 7" (40,866 km)
2 R. De Vlaeminck (Daf-Cote d'Or-Gazelle)
3 F. Moser (Famcucine-Moser)
4 G. Van Calster (Wickes-Splendor)
5 M. Demeyer (Capri Sonne-Koga Miyata)
6 H. Kuiper (Daf-Cote d'Or-Gazelle)