Sunday, April 5, 2009

San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, Part I

The San Diego Custom Bicycle Show was born of the efforts of a few San Diego-based builders. Pictured at left is Dave Ybarrola of Ybarrola Bicycles, Persechini Classic Cycles and Selle Logica saddles, and Chuck Schlesinger of Sadilah Handmade Framesets at right. Dave and Chuck along with Brian Baylis dreamt up a more regionally based framebuilders' show. Naturally the benefit to exhibitors and attendees both is the opportunity to work with someone local, to build a relationship with someone you can be in touch with by more than phone and e-mail. Were more builder/buyer relationships like this—local, that is—more people would be riding handbuilt frames. This first gallery is devoted to the work of these builders.

Sadilah is named for Schlesinger's two daughters, Sadie and Lilah.

Very choice arrowhead lugs and wraparound seatstays on this bike.

Selle Logica is a custom carbon fiber saddle line Dave Ybarrrola shares with partner Matthew Cooke. They use crush foam to mold the saddle in the shape of your hindquarters.

Persechini is Ybarrola's fancier line with more elaborate lug work while Ybarrola is his line of more straightforward race bikes.

Baylis. As good as it gets.


Oli said...

Cheers for those stunning pics!

Jason Pearlman said...

Monday morning eye candy - great way to start the week. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

where could one go to get more info on the sella logica saddles?

Padraig said...

Selle Logica can be found here:

Stay tuned for more coverage of Selle Logica.

Alan said...

I love the detail shots on these bikes, but I think it'd be great to also see a nice shot of the whole package. Just a "sum-of-its-parts" kind of view.

Anonymous said...

Great close ups, love it!