Saturday, February 9, 2008

Handmade Bicycle Show: Image Dump

Collector Matt Gorski, builder Brian Baylis and Cirque du Cyclisme promoter Dale Brown.

Builder Ed Litton.

A Litton with a suicide shifter.

Pegoretti head tube badge.

Very trick Indy Fab logo rework.

Jig builder Don Ferris has a tribute devoted to him at the LiveSTRONG booth in light of his recent cancer diagnosis.

Guess who.


Cyclin Ninja said...

Those suicide shifters are sick!

timothy hanson said...

Sachs, Pegoretti, ?, Llewellyn, White. Who's the gentleman in the middle?

Ron George said...

Look at those shifters, sure is suicidal with those at 60mph downhill.

Hey how come I'm not in your blogroll anymore?

Radio Freddy said...

Hey Ron - Sorry about that, we lost a few last weekend. You're back on the list. - RF