Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TdG: Stage One

Photos courtesy John Pierce, Photosport International


Jim said...

Hey, that's good stuff. You want a second helping of PRO? The guy who sort of coordinates our local bikeracing web-ring and compiles links to web coverage of local races in the Mid-Atlantic, Mike May of GamJams.com, is getting dispatches from Matt Cooke, local boy done good who rode for Navigators last year and now rides for HealthNet. The first entry, covering day 1 of the TdG and Matt's tough day and bumper surfing, is here:


You can ask Matt questions about what's going on in the race day-to-day, in the comments section on GamJams.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good photos.

Okay how, ummm, goofy must it feel to have to wear matching off-bike uniforms? I get it that Rock is an apparel company, but these guys look like a boy band on come-back tour. Not feeling the PROness of it.

HeinerFD said...

Großartige Fotos!
Awesome pics!